Green Line abrasive sheets for hand or light machine sanding

Dragon Green Line abrasive sheets provide the opportunity to use our well-known sheets of abrasives paper in an eco-friendly design with a strong focus on sustainability.

Our ambition is to produce the best possible quality sheets in eco-friendly materials.

The paper's E weight is made of 100% recyclable paper, and the bonding is our well-known eco-friendly potato starch.

The quality is suitable for hand- or light machine sanding on dry materials such as wood, varnish, dye, leather, or ceramics.

At Dragon, we have a wide selection of dry, wet and nail sanding, which is delivered to construction markets and clothing companies all over the world.

Design your product in many different combinations

  • Grit
  • 80
  • 120
  • 150
  • 180
  • 240

230 x 280 mm

5, 10, 25 eller 50


Number of holes

Bag, Box, or Foil

Green Line

QG available

Brand compatability

Available in this colour

Fully configurable
Give us a call and let's talk about your next abrasive product or download the product specification to get the full overview of the combination options.

This product is available as Private Label

Our machines are fully equipped to apply any logo design you would like on the sandpaper. We are also happy to help with the development of the design or other content considerations such as format, size, and location. In addition, we also offer a number of standard private label and/or no-name solutions, so you and your customers get exactly the look you want.


This products is available in a broad range of colors

You have the option to add any color choice you find in the Ral and Pantone color charts. This does not just give you a wide range of options — it means that you or your customers can include even the sandpaper in your overall branding strategy. Therefore, of course, we also offer advice and consultation in connection with the selection and application of colors.

Abrasive paper where you really feel the difference

We only use the very best raw materials in the production of our abrasives paper, do regular random checks and develop new abrasive qualities.

This means that we can guarantee a uniform product when it comes to quality, color and dimension which makes us to one of the leading producers of abrasive material.

When having one of our products in the hand you’ll feel the quality and flexibility instantly. This is why our customers keep coming back.