We Provide Agile Solutions

We supply tailor-made sandpaper and special abrasive products worldwide — including the craftsman, flooring, and nail file industries. That is why we offer our customers a wide range of special options with our abrasives paper. Snatch a sneak peek of five at them below.


Get Your Logo on the Abrasive Paper

Our machines are fully equipped to apply any logo design you would like on the sandpaper. We are also happy to help with the development of the design or other content considerations such as format, dimension, and location.

In addition, we also offer a number of standard Dragon and/or no-name solutions. We have extensive experience with Private labels and good partners, which allow us to tailor a solution that fits your needs.


Abrasive paper in all sorts of colors

There’s no color we can’t provide. Not only do we offer you the entire color spectrum to choose from — we give you two whole rainbows.

More specifically, we have the option to add any color choice you find in the Ral and Pantone color charts.


You Decide the Dimension

In addition to our long range of standard dimensions for all products — such as abrasive rolls and mini rolls — we of course also offer tailored dimensions to suit your specific needs.

We simply set up the machine according to the customer's wishes and needs.


Customized special productions

At Dragon, it is not a problem to have your line of special products. For example, if you need a purple wet sanding, we are happy to customize the length of it. We can customize the length down to a few kilometers, and if necessary, we can send the production in chunks that can be handled by the customer's warehouse. As your Abrasive Paper Manufacturer, we are with you all the way, whether it is abrasive deltas, ready-made jumbo rolls, advice on sanding of float filler, or something else.

In other words, your concerns are our concerns.


Sustainable abrasive paper

We believe that eco-friendly abrasive paper will become a competitive parameter in the future. That is why we have developed a green line of eco-friendly products. If your company has a conscious mindset, Dragon as a partner is a good choice.