Danish Abrasive Paper of the Highest Quality

Danish flexible abrasive paper of the highest quality to our customer – worldwide!

We supply some of the world's best abrasive paper and strive to provide the best customer service as well.

Why should Dragon supply your abrasive paper?


An eco-friendly product line

We believe that sustainability will be an essential competitive parameter for future abrasives paper. That is why, as one of the oldest Abrasive Paper Manufacturers in the world, we have launched an eco-friendly product line of abrasives paper, so your company can keep the green line.


Customer-Specific Solutions

At Dragon we don't just promise to go one step further – we go all the way. As your abrasive partner we provide everything from personal advice and customized product development to private label, no-name solution, storage of goods and quick delivery on stock items. We’re your abrasive partner.


More than 130 years of experience in the business

Our unique experience with the abrasive industry means that we have the technical, production, and craftsman understanding needed to ensure you the best possible quality every time.


Flexible Production and Delivery

The customer comes first. It's that simple. Whether there is need for a stock agreement, container delivery, special production or anything else, we’ll listen and assist in every way possible – even after the goods have left our factory. No order or request is too small or large.


Flexible Top Quality

We only use the very best raw materials in the production of our abrasive paper, and do regulary random checks in our very own in-house laboratory to make sure that the quality lives up to our high standards. This means we can vouch for our products and guarantee that they last at least 20 times longer than our competitors. Don’t believe us? Then please don’t hesitate to order our free sample package and feel the difference yourselves.

We consult and suplly all industries with their abrasive needs


Whether it it's the little hobby craftsman or the professional one, than we have the experience to guide you to the ideal product. Our abrasive products are of highest quality and known in the craftsman industry.


The Flooring Industry

To achieve a professionel floor sanding it's important to use the proper abrasive products. Whether it's floor discs for concrete floor or to after polish with a pad, then we have it. We normally have a short delivery time on all our floor discs, sheets, nets, pads and rolls.


The Converter Industry

All qualities can be supplied in requested dimensions for further confectioning or cutting. Dry-, wet- or nail sanding. You decide what you want in your jumbo rolls.


The Nail File Industry

We supply both large and small quantities of sandpaper to some of the world's leading nail file manufacturers. A part of our special production is dedicated exclusively to the nail file industry. Here we test and further develop our abrasive paper solutions in close collaboration with our customers. The sandpaper is delivered in either large jumbo or sheets for further processing.