We take responsibility for the environment

As one of the world’s oldest Abrasive Paper Manufacturers, we want to take the lead and help ensure a sustainable future. We will continuously launch a wide range of initiatives that strengthen our position as a green partner. Our goal is to produce an eco-friendly abrasive paper which in principle can be eaten.

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100% green WIND Energy

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From heating oil to natural gas

In the third quarter of 2022, we will convert our entire production from heating oil to natural gas.

The conversion will benefit the environment, as we help reduce CO2 emissions and our overall energy consumption.


Eco-friendly wastewater treatment

Our wastewater must not harm the aquatic environment or soil and groundwater. Therefore, we have initiated the implementation of a new wastewater treatment plant to ensure that nutrients and water are recycled and that waste substances are collected or degraded.

We expect to implement our wastewater treatment plant in the third quarter of 2022.


Less waste - more recycling

Waste should - if possible - always be recycled. As one of the world´s oldest Abrasive Paper Manufacturers, we have a great responsibility - especially in relation to: cardboard, plastic, bonding residues, and sand grains.

In the first quarter of 2022, we will launch a strategy for our waste sorting, which means we can sort all our waste at its source. Then it can be picked up and recycled into new products.


Eco-friendly bonding

We continuously collaborate with our experts to develop more types of bonding without harmful additives and color pigments.

Today, approx. 30% of our types of bonding are sustainably produced and we work to ensure that all the bonding we use is eco-friendly.

The goal is that by 2023 we will have 100% eco-friendly bonding.



At Dragon, we want to offer our customers an eco-friendly alternative to conventional abrasives.

As one of the world’s oldest Abrasive Paper Manufacturers, we have produced a green product line of abrasives, which consists of recycled paper, Nordic Ecolabelled dye, and an eco-friendly bonding.

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GCO Green Circular Transition

Dragon A/S has in 2021-2022 completed GCO where our focus has been to changing our then current business model into a new, green and more environmental business plan/model.

This has resulted in a some very significant changes in our way of producing abrasives paper with a very greener profile.

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