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We supply customdesigned abrasive jumbo rolls and abrasive jumborolls with neutral backsideprint worldwide - send us an enquiry - and let`s make a good deal

Dragon is our trademark - additionally we produce a lot of private label and "no name" products (neutral backsideprint) for our many wholesalers around the world ... ...

We also provides special productions worldwide - such as for the nail files industries in the United States, Europe and the Asian markets

About Dragon

Dragon A/S is the only manufacturer of flexible abrasive products in Denmark. The company was founded in 1890 in Copenhagen. We have been supplying trade and industry with a broad range of ever changing abrasive products for over 100 years.
Apart from a small standard assortment, the main part of our production is made as customized products. We have many years of experience in the export markets, which currently constitute approx. 90% of our sales. Our machinery is time-consuming and flexible, which makes it possible to switch over in very short time. And our large commodity stocks, gives us the possibility to manufacture special orders with very short delivery times.

Why does Dragon have a dragonfly as symbol?

Back in 1949, the company had a visionary management, who decided to find a logo that was recognized all over the world. For us the Dragonfly symbolizes, flexibility, determination, an ability to adapt in virtually any climate, can be easily recognized anywhere in the world and is the trademark for Dragon A/S.


In 1977 Dragon presented the Danish Queen Margrethe with a specially made golden Dragonfly broach at our facilities in Maribo. The Dragonfly has always been Dragons brand. The dragonfly symbolizes flexibility, determination, the ability to adapt to any one climate and is easily recognized all over the world. The queen often wears the Dragonfly broach, so the jewelry itself has also been around many parts of the world.