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  • Velcome

    Velcome to Dragon

  • Jumbo Rolls - engelsk

    Jumbo Rolls - give us a contact - and let`s make a good deal

  • Private label - engelsk

    Dragon is our trademark - additionally we produce a lot of private label and "no name" products
    (neutral backsideprint)

  • Special productions - engelsk

    Dragon also provides special productions - such as for the nail files industry

Production facilities

All of our production takes place in our modernized facilities in Maribo, Denmark. It is placed within 5 minutes from the motorway and 15 minutes from the ferry transport to Germany from Rødbyhavn. 

Dragons geographic placement combined with our production flexibility can help you, as our customer with, reduced warehousing, reduced lead times, fast transition of orders and faster delivery.


 Rulleskaerer Produktionsbillede 5 210x118px Produktionsbillede 2 226x150px

We are manufacturing all jumbo rolls ourself - which are resold - or we cut it into abrasive sheets, abrasive rolls, abrasive discs or abrasive triangels ...

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