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  • Jumbo Rolls - engelsk

    We supply customdesigned jumbo rolls worldwide - send us an enquiry - and let`s make a good deal

  • Private label - engelsk

    Dragon is our trademark - additionally we produce a lot of private label and "no name" products
    (neutral backsideprint) for our many wholesalers around the  world ... ...

  • Special productions - engelsk

    We also provides special productions worldwide - such as for the nail files industries in the United States, Europe and the Asian markets


我們是研磨材料的丹麥製造商 - 我們生產所有種類的大卷 - 我們轉售 - 或我們將其切割成研磨輥,研磨片,研磨盤或研磨三角。                                                 
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在Youtube上,你可以看到我們如何生產我們的砂紙大卷: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WnnGS_9aREA&feature=youtu.be
我們提供廣泛的顏色,質量和尺寸 - 我們也專業的私人標籤。我們與許多大洲的客戶合作,我們將85%的產品分銷給出口市場。

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As one of the first abrasive manufactures in the world we have been FSC certified and at the same time decided to be a member of FSC Denmark. We take responsibility for the forests around the world - both in regards to animals, vegetation and humans.
We are happy to offer FSC products.
Download more information in PDF formation: 2016.09.21 FSC Dragon press release
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